Unit Lesson Plans

The structure of this site begins with top-level units, each unit containing about three weeks worth of class material. Go to each unit's home page to see a further breakdown into week-long sections and then daily lesson plans, along with activities, assignments and other resources.

  • Course introduction, including basic ideas and the 5 themes: place, region, location, human interaction with the environment and spatial movement.
  • The analysis of population trends and characteristics (demography), with an emphasis on predicting future occurrences based on current data. 
  • Culture both shapes and is shaped by the environment. This unit examines culture through the lens of language, religion, music, food and architecture. 
  • The relationships between peoples, states and territories and a look at how political processes can be impacted by the environment and physical landscape. 
  • A history of agriculture and an examination of rural land use patterns. Special emphasis given to modern topics like agribusiness, sustainability and gmo's. 
  • Analysis of urban land use, industrialization and economic development. City types, city characteristics, models of city growth and urban trends are emphasized.