Checks and balances on Trump 4/1/17

Article: ""Constrained"   

 > How can America’s checks and balances restrain the excesses of Trump? The Presidency has gained much power over the last fifty years (the “Imperial Presidency”). As Congress has descended into partisanship and dysfunction, the President (with a staff of hundreds of assistants and lawyers) has governed through executive orders. Still, restraints remain on Presidential power, including:

> The States: example: NY AG Eric Schneiderman (who also prosecuted Trump for his University) put together state-level legal defenses against Trump plans for increased deportations and reductions in climate change efforts. California is doing similar things, especially in regards to immigration.

> The Courts: Judge Robart blocked the Trump Muslim travel ban - and earned the “so-called judge” label from Trump.

> The Congress: Trump (and Speaker Ryan) were unable to get a ACA repeal bill through the House. There was opposition from radical Republicans like the House “Freedom Caucus”.

> The Media: both the NYT and the Washington Post released stories linking Flynn and Sessions to Russian contacts that were undisclosed. This led Flynn to resign and Sessions to recuse himself from the Russian investigation.   

> NGO’s: the ACLU has had some of its best fundraising after Trump’s election.