The Story of Snappington

In 2010, while in grad school at Clemson, I began making PowerPoints to help me study. These began as just images and a few words of text but over time, got annotated, revised and expanded. When I began teaching in 2013, I transformed my PowerPoints into full-fledged lesson plans. At that point, I began to wonder if anyone else might find my work of use to them. Perhaps my lesson plans might help students trying to learn the material - or might help teachers who were trying to teach the material. At any rate, it seemed a shame to let all this information just sit passively on my hard drive. 

Beginning in 2013, I began turning my lesson plans into websites. My Snappington websites are responsive, meaning they should resize automatically depending on the device you are using to access them (let me know if they don't!). It has been an ongoing learning experience for me - both on the web design end of things and in learning the content itself. 

I welcome contact from you and corrections or suggestions for improvement. Use the forums embedded on each website or contact me directly. Whenever possible, I have made my sources clear and linked to them if I could. I do not pretend to have the final word on anything you might see here and there are many other sites offering similar material but as a professional educator, I believe my content can be helpful to both teachers and students.

Finally, if you have material sitting on your shelves or buried deep in your hard drive that you think might be helpful to teachers or students, let me know and perhaps we can turn that material into our next subject website.

Thanks for coming by and I hope this is the first of many productive visits yet to come.

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